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Conditions of use

The user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) is currently on the RUN.PT website, available at or any other address that replaces it (hereinafter “the Site”). 

1. Acceptance of the conditions of use

These conditions (“the Conditions”) define the conditions of use of the Website. The User undertakes to respect the Conditions when accessing the Website and using it, as well as when using the services proposed here. Using the Website means that the User accepts the Conditions. If the User wishes to benefit from the set of services proposed on the Website, they must create an account, and will be, at the time of creating this account, asked to expressly accept the Conditions, by clicking on the respective icon on the acceptance and validation form. The User acknowledges that this double click signifies their acceptance of the Conditions. The Conditions may be changed at any time by RUN.PT. Any modifications will be displayed on the website, in the Conditions of Use icon. If they have created an account on the website, RUN.PT will invite them to accept the modified Conditions again. RUN.PT also invites you to consult the Conditions regularly.

2. Description and operation of the service

The Site is an information site, which allows anyone to consult duly updated information regarding the following contents: commercial information, technological innovations, product consultation and all goods and services sold by RUN.PT. The technical and financial configuration necessary to access the Website and the different services proposed by RUN.PT are the sole responsibility of the User. This access may involve the payment of fees and subscription fees for connection to the respective network and/or related services provided by existing suppliers in the internet access market. The User must also provide and is responsible for the equipment necessary to access the service. RUN.PT is not responsible for any difficulties that may exist related to the technical and financial configuration chosen by the user.

3. Website Content

RUN.PT reserves the right to correct, at any time and without prior notice, the content of the Site. Furthermore, RUN.PT is not responsible in the event of delay, error or omission regarding the content of the Site, as well as in the event of interruption or unavailability of the Site or its content.

4. Admissibility

The Site is accessible to all people, adults and/or minors. The Site is considered a site open to the public. However, it is more appropriate that children who may access the Site obtain the authorization and assistance of a parent or guardian to use it. The User declares and guarantees that his use of the Site does not violate any law and/or regulation applicable in the Country from which he accesses it. If the User's equipment does not contain the appropriate technologies, including in particular certain encryption technologies, the User will not be able to use certain services or access certain information provided or accessible through the Website.

5. Links and associated hypertexts

The use or creation of a hypertext link to the Site depends on prior written agreement by RUN.PT. In any case, these links can only be inserted on a website where the User is the editor and must only indicate the page that hosts the Website. There must be no duplication of the home page or any other page on the Site. These operations can be carried out only under the condition that:

  1. Do not use, harm or alter, in any way, the logos or other distinctive brands of RUN.PT;
  2. Do not integrate all or part of the Site into a frame or content from a third party website;
  3. Do not use RUN.PT's image or distinctive brands to imply that the brand guarantees or approves products and services contained on a third party website;
  4. Do not mislead, create or maintain confusion about the relationship between RUN.PT and the User;
  5. Do not present false or misleading information about RUN.PT;
  6. Do not insert links and hypertexts to the Website on the User's Website if the User's website contains elements that could violate or harm the rights of third parties or applicable regulations. 

Under no circumstances will the creation of links and hypertexts for the website constitute any liability for RUN.PT.

6. Links, hypertexts and advertising banners to third party websites from the Website will not, under any circumstances, constitute the responsibility of RUN.PT

In particular, the User acknowledges that, by clicking on these links, hypertexts or advertising banners, the User leaves the Website, and that the websites subsequently accessed are in no way managed, edited or controlled by RUN.PT, which does not contribute and/or participates in their respective contents. The User acknowledges that he uses such sites at his own risk or under the terms and conditions of use that govern them, and that RUN.PT is not responsible for the content, operation and availability of these sites. Consequently, RUN.PT is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by any content, product or service available on such third party websites.

7. Parental controls

RUN.PT recognizes that the Site can be accessed by children. RUN.PT encourages parents to supervise children's use of the Site and to install Internet filters. RUN.PT reserves the right to change the previous statement in the event of a change in policy, commercial operations, law or jurisprudence that justifies it.

8. Warranty

The User acknowledges that he/she uses the Site at his/her own risk. Neither RUN.PT, nor its branches or affiliated companies, nor its managers, directors, employees, agents or any other party involved in the creation, production or provision of the website guarantee any specific result from the use of the website, not guaranteeing that:

  1. The Site will meet your expectations, your needs or your demands;
  2. The Site will operate in a continuous and safe, effective, easy, reliable, fast, correct, timely, complete, satisfactory and free from defects or errors manner;
  3. The content of the Site will be correct, adequate, decent or in accordance with the laws and regulations in force;
  4. Errors in the Site and any associated "software" will be corrected. RUN.PT strives, as far as possible, to guarantee the accuracy, completeness and up-to-date nature of the Elements it provides on the Site. Despite RUN.PT's efforts, the information on the Site may sometimes be inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete. RUN.PT strives, as far as possible, to accurately present the characteristics of its products and technological innovations. Furthermore, RUN.PT may introduce changes to the information on the website.

9. The User's responsibility

The User undertakes to indemnify RUN.PT, its branches or affiliated companies, their respective managers, directors, employees or agents or any other party involved in the creation, production or supply of the Website against any loss, damage and/or any other direct loss suffered due to the User's use of the Website in violation of the Conditions.  

10. Applicable law

The Conditions are subject to Portuguese law. Any dispute regarding their validity, execution or interpretation will be subject to assessment by the competent Portuguese courts.